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Teachers Eligibility Test Environmental Studies Sample Question Paper

1. Which are air pollutants?

(a) aerosols (b) sewage

(c) DDT (d) fertilizers

2. Which of the following does not cause soil erosion?

(a) wind (b) overgrazing

(c) sun (d) water

3. Acid rain is due to:

(a) combustion of fossil fuels (b) oil slick

(c) oxides of sulphur (d) nuclear wars

4. Among the most harmful non-biodegradable waste is: (a) cow dung (b) plastics

(c) garbage (d) radioactive waste

5. An example of a renewable resource is:

(a) clay t (b) sand

(c) water (d) fossil fuels

6. Which one of the following is a non-biodegradable waste? (a) manure ‘ (b) cow durig (c) plastics (d) garbage

7. The main source of water is:

(a) rivers (b) rain

(c) ponds (d) canals

8. Pollution is not caused by the use of:

(a) solar energy (b) wood

(c) petrol (d) unsaturated hydrocarbons

9. Ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is destroyed by: (a) HC1 (b) smog (c) chlorofluorocarbons (d) SO,

10. The gas associated with global warming is:

(a) C02 (b) H2S

(c) CH4 (d) S02

11. In water pollution, industries are said to be the:

(a) line sources (b) point sources

(c) area sources (d) none of these

12. Which of these is a non-renewable resource?

(a) coal (c) water

(b) forest (d) turtle

13. Which of these is biodegradable?

(a) cow dung (c) coke cans

(b) polythene (d) DDT


1. (a); 2. (c); 3. (c); 4. (d); 5. (c); 6. (c); 7. (b); 8. (a); 9. (c); 10. (a); 11. (a); 12. (a); 13. (a).

13. Biotic environment includes

(a) producers (b) consumers

(c) decomposers (d) all the above

Answer: (d) all the above

14. Decomposers include

(a) bacteria (b) fungi

(c) both (d) animals

Answer: (c) both

15 Abiotic environment does not include

(a) air (b) water

(c) soil (d) plants

Answer: (d) plants

16. Vermicomposting is done by

(a) fungus (b) bacteria

(c) worms (d) animals

Answer: (c) worms

17. The group of organisms which convert light into food are called

(a) autotrophs (b) heterotrophs

(c) decomposers (d) omnivores

Answer: (a) Autotrophs

18. Which one the following is not biodegradable?

(a) vegetables (b) fruits

(c) earthworm (d) aluminium foil

Answer: (d) Aluminium Foil

19. Animal(s) which is/are active at night.

(a) owl (b) rat

(c) cockroach (d) all the above

Answer: (d) All the above

20. An animal that can tolerate the heat of the desert is

(a) rats (b) camel

(c) cow (d) lion

Answer: (b) camel

21. Air pollution is caused by

(a) Insecticides (b) Sewage

(c) Smoke (d) Loud speakers

Answer: (c) smoke

22. If waste materials contaminate the source of drinking water which of the following diseases will spread?

(a) Scurvy (b) Typhoid

(c) Malaria (d) Anaemia

Answer: (b) Typhoid
Environmental Science Multiple Choice Questions

23. In our country the Van Mahotsav Day is observed on

(a) Second of October (b) First of December

(c) Tenth of August (d) First of July

Answer: (d) First of July

25. Which of the following wastes cannot be decomposed by bacteria to form compost?

(a) Kitchen wastes (b) Plastic and polythene bags

(c) dead plants (d) bodies of insects living in the soil

Answer: (b) Plastic and polythene bags

26. Which of the following problems is not created by noise pollution ?

(a) Diarrhoea (b) Hypertension

(c) Deafness (d) Irritation

Answer: (a) Diarrhoea

27. Plants are green because of the presence of a pigment called:

(a) glucose (b) nitrogen

(c) chlorophyll (d) oxygen

Answer: (a) chlorophyll

28. Air is composed of gases, water vapours and

(a) dust particles (b) rainfall

(c) snowfall (d) light

Answer: (a) dust particles

29. Medicine of quinine is provided by

(a) Eucalyptus plant (b) aconite plant

(c) cinchona plant (d) money plant

Answer: (c) cinchona plant

30. Chief source of energy in environment is

(a) fire (b) moon

(c) sun (d) stars

Answer: (c) sun

31. When trees are cut, amount of oxygen

(a) decreases (b) increases

(c) both (a) and (b) (d) remains same

Answer: (a) decreases

32. Process through which plants reproduce:

(a) Eating (b) Evaporation

(c) Pollination (d) Condensation

Answer: (c) pollination

33. 71% of earth surface is covered with:

(a) land (b) air

(c) water (d) coal

Answer: (c) water


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