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1.     The thief made a clean breast of his crime. The phrase made a clean breast of means ---
    a) cleaned his chest   
    b) fought for    
    c) faced bravely   
    d) confessed without hiding anything
2.     The mother of the victim left.... in her efforts to get the culprit convicted. The blank can be filled by.
    a) resigned to her fate    b) home        c) no stone unturned    d) right
3.     Complete the following proverb "Rome was not built in a ...."
    a) day    b) week   
    c) month    d) year
4.     'Phobia' means --
    a) hobby    b) study of something    c) fear of something    d) craze
5.     Post-Paid means --
    a) a post office term   
    b) payment made before using a service
    c) payment made after using service   
    d) payment made at the time of using the service
6.     Complete the phrase : "As faithful as a ............"
    a) cat    b) donkey   
    c) dog    d) fox
7.     A doctor who specializes in the treatment of children is called---
    a) pedestrain    b) pediatrician        c) pedologist    d) pedigree
8.     The police are.... the theft in the office. The blank can be filled by.
    a) instigating    b) interrogating    c) investigating    d) introspecting
9.     The Supervisor needs a........ of scissors for opening the envelope.
    a) pair    b) pear        c) pare    d) twin
10.     The collective noun for a group of elephants is -
    a) group    b) gang        c) heard    d) herd
11.     How many minutes before 12 Noon is it when it is 10.35 a.m.?
    a) 86    b) 87       
    c) 85    d) 84
12.     Statements:
    All scientists are fools.
    All fools are intelligent
    I. All scientists are intelligent.
    II. All intelligent people are scientits
    III. All intelligent people are fools.
    IV. Some intelligent people would be scientists.
    a) Only I is correct   
    b) Only IV is correct   
    c) Only I and IV are correct   
    d) Only II and IV are correct
13.     Ramesh walked 100 metres towards north, took a left turn and walked 75 metres, again took a left turn and walked 100 metres and stopped walking. Towards what direction was he facing when he stopped walking?
    a) north    b) south   
    c) north - west    d) south - east
14.     Pick the odd one out ---
    a) fruit    b) flower   
    c) leaft    d) petal
15.     Pick the odd one out --
    a) cuckoo    b) crow
    c) bat    d) parrot
16.     Pick the odd one out ---
    a) gold    b) copper        c) silver    d) brass
17.     Identify the city which is the odd one out---
    a) Patna    b) Ranchi   
    c) Raipur    d) Jamshedpur
18.     Count the number of triangles in the following figure --

    a) 9    b) 11       
    c) 13    d) 15
19.     Which is the odd one out in the following ---
    a) Triangle    b) Rectangle        c) Circle    d) Sphere
20.     If we are viewing an angle of 30 through a magnifying glass capable of magnifying 3 times, how big would the angle look?
    a) 90    b) 30       
    c) 60    d) 120
21. 300 bananas were purchased at Rs.128 a  hundred. What should be the selling price per dozen, if a profit of Rs.66 is to be made?
    a) Rs.15    b) Rs.18        c) Rs.20    d) Rs.21
22. Choose the correct algebraic statement for the following "A number is equal to 3 less than three times another number"
    a) y=3x - 3    b) y=3x/3        c) y=3x+5    d) 3y=3x-3
23.     Which of the following numbers is divisible by 18 (remainder 0)?
    a) 245678    b) 2456789        c) 2445678    d) 2455678
24.     A 4 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm brick weights 64 kg. What would be the weight of a brick of size 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm?
    a) 32 kg    b) 8 kg        c) 16 kg    d) 1 kg
25.     What is the angle between the hour hand and the minute hand at 6.30 p.m.?
    a) 00    b) 150       
    c) 300    d) 1950
26. Mr. Dhoni has 5 pairs of white gloves and 5 pairs of black gloves, which he keeps in a box. If he picks 3 gloves at random, what is the probability that he will get a matching pair?
    a) 0.5    b) 0.75        c) 0.9    d) 1
27.     If the length and breadth of a room are 48 feet and 24 feet respectively, and the space diagonal (one corner on ceiling to opposite corner on floor) is 56 feet, what is the height of the room?
    a) 14 feet    b) 15 feet        c) 16 feet    d) 17 feet
28.     What is the next number in the following sequence?
    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ......
    a) 50    b) 55       
    c) 53    d) 51
29. '34' is related to '12' in the same way as '59' is related to -
    a) 95    b) 54       
    c) 45    d) 17
30. If 20 x X = 20 + X, what is the value of X?
    a) 19/20    b) 18/20        c) 18/19    d) 20/19
31.    Which neighbouring country of India embraced democracy recently to become the world's youngest democracy?
    a) Nepal    b) Bhutan        c) Pakistan    d) Srilanka
32. Which of the following took over the Anglo Dutch Steel Company Corus?
    a) Arcelor Mittal   
    b) Steel Authority of India Ltd.
    c) Tata Steel                d) Jindal Steel
33. For International Payments the Indian currency is linked to -
    a) Gold Standard    b) International Oil Price
    c) American Dollars    d) Pound Sterling
34. Which organization, headed by Indian environmentalist Dr. R.K.Pachauri has been awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2007?
    a) International Panel on Global Warming
    b) International Environmental Panel
    c) International Panel on Pollution Control
    d) International Panel on Climate change
35. Which day is observed as the World Habitat Day?
    a) March, 27    b) September, 30
    c) October 5    d) October 2
36.     Which game will be played for the first time in 2010 Asian Games?
    a) Twenty-20 Cricket    b) Kabaddi
    c) Kho-Kho    d) Gilli Danda
37.     Reserve Bank of India is a --
    a) Private Bank    b) Commercial Bank
    c) Foreign Bank    d) Central Bank
38.     Which of the following rivers have almost the same point of origin?
    a) Brahmaputra and Indus   
    b) Brahmaputra and Ganga
    c) Godavari and Krishna   
    d) Indus and Ganga
39. What is the main advantage of transplantation method of sowing rice?
    a) It helps in early harvesting   
    b) The draininig of water from the field before harvesting is made easy
    c) It is helpful in achieving an economical use of water and a higher yield of grain
    d) It ensures maximum utilization of land
40.     All of the following rivers flow into or join the Ganges on its left side except -
    a) Gomti    b) Gandak        c) Son    d) Kosi
41. As the height above sea level increases, the temperature -
    a) Decreases   
    b) Increases   
    c) First decreases and then increases    d) Change of height has no effect on temperature
42. Which of the two planets listed below are closer to the sun than the earth?
    a) Mercury and Mars    b) Mercury and Venus
    c) Venus and Mars    d) Jupiter and Saturn
43. Which of the following countries is not in the continent of Asia?
    a) Lebanon    b) Libya        c) Japan    d) Singapore
44. The land masses of India and Srilanka are connected by which of the following straits?
    a) Bass Strait    b) Bering Strait    c) Malacca Strait    d) Palk Strait
45. Which of the following is not correctly matched?
    a) Manipur ` Imphal    b) Meghalaya-Shillong
    c) Mizoram - Agartala    d) Nagaland - Kohima
46. From North to South, the correct sequence of the following sea ports is ---
    a) Chennai, Tuticorin, Vishakapatnam, Paradip
    b) Paradip, Chennai, Vishakapatnam, Tuticorin
    c) Paradip, Vishakapatnam, Tuticorin, Chennai    d) Paradip, Vishakapatnam, Chennai, Tuticorin
47. The International Date Line is Located in the --
    a) Pacific Ocean    b) Indian Ocean
    c) Atlantic Ocean    d) Arctic Ocean
48. Which Bank has recentlychanged its name to Axis Bank?
    a) HDFC Bank    b) Citi Bank
    c) ICICI Bank    d) UTI Bank
49. What is the expanded form of MICR -
    a) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition    b) Magnetic Ink Code Reader
    c) Magnetic Inline Character Reader        d) Magnetic Inline Code Reader
50. Which sector contributes most to the GDP of India?
    a) Iron and Steel Industry   
    b) Railway
    c) Cotton Textile Industry            d) Service Sector


1. d    2. c    3. a    4. c    5. c    6. c    7. b    8. c    9. a    10. d        11. c    12. c    13. b    14. a    15. c    16. d    17. d    18. c    19. d    20. b        21. b    22. a    23. c    24. d    25. b    26. d    27. c    28. b    29. c    30. d        31. a    32. c    33. c    34. d    35. c    36. c    37. d    38. a    39. c    40. c        41. a    42. b    43. b    44. d    45. c    46. d    47. a    48. d    49. a    50. d

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“Current Affairs” and “General Knowledge” cover many topics like from economy to sports or education to politics, or even technology to automobiles. In every second some issues are happening around the world in these sectors, and to accumulate the excerpt of some highlighted news, and memorize it is a good plan to prepare current affairs and GK.

Some Important Tips to Follow:

Read Newspapers regularly

We all know that “Old is Gold”, same thing applies here too. We need to make a habit of reading newspapers regularly. I’ll suggest you to read more than one newspaper. It will be better if you read one newspaper of your mother language, and other of English. Some useful newspapers are “The Times of India”, “The Hindu”, “The Telegraph” etc. You need to start this habit at least 6 months before the actual exam that will help you to get access to all the important events of that period of time.

You need to keep an eye on what’s happening around you in your country and world as well. Trust me guys, you will surely find it interesting after several days. We all know that staying updated is always a good idea, as it will stand you apart from the rest.

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I know that watching news channels for long will bore you, so I’ll suggest you to allocate only 30 minutes for it in a whole day. All the leading ones shows the glimpses of all important events of the day quite frequently, so 30 minutes will be enough for you to boost up your current affairs and GK knowledge.

Maintain a Diary

My teacher used to tell me that whenever you learn something try to write it down in your diary, as it will help you to memorize it in a better manner. He is so right, as this method helped me a lot to score good marks in every exam that I appeared for. As I already mentioned before that a lot of events are occurring in the country and around the world, so it is easily understandable that it is not easy to remember everything. It’s always a superb idea to maintain a diary of current events.

You need to update this diary on a daily basis with all the events that you consider as important ones. This diary will become quite useful for the revision part, as it will provide you information about all the important events at a place. You should keep revising the diary frequently, as it will help you to memorize important names, dates, awards etc.

Channelize your Preparation Accordingly

All the competitive exams are not same, as all of them have different pattern, even when it comes to the same topic as ‘Current Affairs’ or ‘GK’. For example for civil services exam, you need to give importance on events of National value. On the other scenario, in matter of bank job exam, the focus should be on the news on banking sectors, and economic and business news.

Thus I’ll suggest you to prepare as per the exams you are appearing for, as channelizing your preparation according to the pattern of the exam will accelerate your chance of getting selected.

Use Internet Resources

Google, YouTube and Wikipedia are my favorite teachers’; one of my friends told me this once. This is quite true indeed, so you should use all the available online resources to study current affairs and GK for exams. For example this blog is all about “Current Affairs”, so you can check this blog regularly by subscribing to us (check the sidebar for subscription options). You can actively take part some forums that are focusing on current events. The good part is you can follow the websites of all leadingnewspapers online if you don’t have enough time to read newspapers.

Use Social Networking Sites for Good

Believe me or not you can surely use social networking sites to your benefits. Especially to prepare current affairs and General knowledge Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon may help you a lot. You can join some Facebook pages, or follow some twitter accounts that are related to current affairs. You can join our Facebook Page too for this matter, or connect with me at LinkedIn or circle me in Google Plus for all the information on recent happenings to boost up your General Knowledgeability.

Give Priority to your Strength

We usually find difficulties when we try to learn everything at once. In that process basically we study a lot, but remember a little. We need to first select our strength areas for our preparation. Try to givepriority to your strength areas. It may be Sports, economy, Government Affairs or technology. Suppose you are applying for Bank exams, then you should prepare industry related news. Along with that you may pick any 2-3 areas of your strength like sports or technology. You need to prepare these sections to the utmost level. I can assure you that these strategies will help you to score much better in Current Affairs section.

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